Hellenic Army Academy

Military Erasmus

The Hellenic Army Academy became a member of the ERASMUS+ Program with the following objectives,

  • Improving the quality of education through the use of digital education and the use of information and communication technologies.
  • Strategic partnerships with military academies and university institutions of other countries in the field of education, research and also at the level of initiatives to strengthen innovation in training methods.
  • Achieving the highest quality and most efficient education possible through these partnerships.
  • The acquisition of experiences and the broadening of the way of understanding the educational process through exchanges and collaborations in frameworks of the European system.
  • The contribution to the development of the European way of thinking of young people with the aim of European integration.
  • The improvement of technological knowledge in the field of industry through the respective exchanges of students and teaching staff (military and academic).
  • The improvement of the training of the educational staff through the systematic participation in the Erasmus+ programs.

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