Hellenic Army Academy

Mission of the Hellenic Army Academy (SSE)

The Academy’s mission is as follows:

  1. To produce and transmit knowledge to its Cadets and Students through the research and teaching of Military Science, as well as related theoretical, positive and applied sciences.
  2. To develop military virtues and military education in order to form officers of the Armed Forces with military consciousness, high level education, as well as social, cultural and political literacy and education, providing them with the resources to become capable leaders with sound professional and scholarly training.
  3. To design and organize Postgraduate Studies Programs (MSc) and Research Programs in Military Science subjects, in accordance with the procedures and conditions specified in the provisions of article 4 of N. 3187/2003.
  4. Every project provided for by the current legislation in the context of its defined mission, by Law 3187/03, as it is in force.