Hellenic Army Academy

Admission to the Academy

Admission to the Academy

Admission of Cadets – Preliminary Examinations

Admission to the Academy (SSE) takes place through the Nationwide (Panhellenic) Examinations conducted by the Ministry of Education and Religion, every academic year, according to current legislation.

The number of students admitted to the SSE is determined by a joint decision of the Ministers of National Defense, Education and Religious Affairs and Finance.

A basic and necessary condition for the admission of cadets to the SSE is that the candidates have successfully completed the Preliminary Examinations (PKE), which aim to evaluate the candidates so that they can successfully study at the SSE and practice the military profession, as permanent officers, according to with the model of the Army Officer.

At the beginning of each year, the Ministry of National Defense issues a circular order by which it determines the details of the preliminary examinations, as well as the procedure for submitting supporting documents to the Academy. The circular order is communicated to the authorities and high schools throughout the country and to the Academy’s e-mail address.

The Preliminary Examinations include the Assessment of Professional Suitability (Psychotechnical Test), the Assessment of Physical Ability (Health Examination) and the Assessment of Physical Condition (Sports Test). Those who fail the Preliminary Exams are excluded from further selection process for the preparation of the final list of successful (admitted) candidates which is submitted to the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

The Preliminary Examinations are conducted in the following order: Psychotechnical Test, Health Examination and Sports Test. Candidates are judged as suitable or unsuitable. Those deemed unfit are excluded from participating in the next examination or test. In the same way, candidates who do not come on the days and times set to take any of the tests or who interrupt them for any reason are also excluded.


Candidate Qualifications and Impediments

In order to have the right to participate in the Preliminary Examinations, candidates must have the following qualifications:

  1. To have Greek citizenship. Expatriate candidates who do not have Greek citizenship are also accepted, and citizenship is acquired when they are admitted, according to the Greek Citizenship Code.
  2. To be in good health and in good physical shape, as defined by the written provisions on the assessment of the physical fitness of military personnel in general (Presidential Decree 11/2014, Government Gazette A’ 17).
  3. To have completed the seventeenth (17th) year on the date of the competition and not to have completed the twenty-second (22nd) year on December 31 of the year in which the competition takes place. As an exception, those serving in the Armed Forces Volunteers, Hoplites, Hoplites in command, Extended Service Hoplites and Students of the Military Schools of Non-Commissioned Officers of the Armed Forces can also take part in the competition, as long as they do not turn twenty-three (23) years old on December 31 of the year in which the competition is held.
  4. To be registered in the Registers of Males or the Registers of Females, of any Municipality or Community of the State.
  5. To hold a degree, which allows them to participate in exams for their admission to a Higher Educational Institution of the Country, in accordance with the current legislation. The conduct listed in the degree must be at least “COMMENDABLE”.
  6. Not have been sentenced to imprisonment for offenses provided for in articles 207 to 211, 216 to 218, 222, 224, 229, 235, 236, 336 to 351, 363, 372 to 378, 385 to 389 of the Criminal Code or for the crime of desertion or insubordination, nor be prosecuted for any of them.
  7. Not to have been sentenced to deprivation of their political rights.
  8. Not to have been expelled from any Military School in the past for reasons of military inadequacy.
  9. Their religious or other beliefs should not interfere with the performance of their military duties.

For more information you can contact the Admissions Examinations Department of the School, or the following telephone numbers: 210 8904127, 210 8904093, 210 8904026, 210 8970223.