Hellenic Army Academy

Academy Regiment


  1. Ethical and Military education of the Cadets, as well as the development of their leadership qualities, without this being done competitively or domineeringly.
  2. Ensuring the flawless appearance and performance of the Cadets at every event, inside and outside the Academy.
  3. Ensuring the normal and orderly conduct of the Cadets’ internal service / duty, in conjunction with the implementation of the hours of service and training program.
  4. Organization and execution of the Military Training (applied, staff and technical weaponry – means) of the Cadets, as well as the military physical training, in accordance with the instructions and the Military Training Program.
  5. Organization, preparation, coordination and implementation of other Academy activities such as classification, swearing-in, participation in military parades and other events.
  6. Monitoring the cleanliness, tidiness and maintenance of the barracks buildings and other facilities used by the Cadets, their living conditions at the Academy (boarding, living, entertainment, etc.) and taking the necessary actions to improve them.

Organizational chart of the Academy Regiment