Hellenic Army Academy

Quality Assurance and Accreditation

Α.  LAW  3374/2005 (OGG Α΄189/2005) «Quality in Higher Education. Credit Transfer, Accumulation System – Diploma Supplement»

ΒPresidential Decree (PD) 14/2017 (OGG Α΄28/2017) «Internal Evaluation Procedure of Higher Military Education Institutions»


C. LAW 3187/2003 (OGG Α΄233/2003) «Higher Military Education Institutions»

DPresidential Decree (PD) 50/2018 (OGG Α΄92/2018) «Hellenic Army Academy Organization»

E.  LAW 3883/2010 (OGG Α΄ 167/2010) «Armed Forces Career Development, Hierarchy, Recruitment, Military Schools etc.»



Accreditation Report for the Internal Quality Assurance System 2019 (IQAS)