Hellenic Army Academy

Military Training – General

  1. The Military Training of the Cadets concerns theoretical and applied field training, includes courses in the core of Military Science and aims to:
    • Shape, strengthen and finally steel the character of Cadets.
    • Cultivate military virtues and military education.
    • Make the Cadet an excellent fighter and leader of small ranks.
    • Familiarize Cadets with the basic concepts of tactics.
    • Make Cadets acquire basic knowledge about the organization and mission of the Arms – Corps as well as the regular use of their main means.
    • To develop, improve and maintain physical fitness and health.
  1. The structure of the time available for military training is determined by a decision of the Education Council.
  2. Practical military (field) training is organized in 3 periods:
    • The autumn training, which takes place around the month of September.
    • Winter training, which takes place around the month of February.
    • Summer training, which takes place around the month of July.
  1. The exact time and duration of each of the above periods is determined by the Academy’s annual curriculum.
  2. The practical training aims at the acquisition of abilities of the Cadets to respond to the tasks of the T/F Squadron Cadet at the end of the summer training in the third year of studies and of the instructor at the end of the fourth year of studies.
  3. The Cadets, in addition to the military training provided to them by the Academy, may also train in other Academies / Schools – educational activities, upon approval by the Army General Staff, such as the Paratrooper Basic Training School, the Center for Mountain Ski Race Training (KEOACH), the Center Training Center for Unorthodox War (KEAP), Naval Cadets Training Academy, Schools – Trainings in the context of cooperation with foreign countries and international organizations. (e.g. Military Erasmus, etc.), and other Schools – Trainings, as well as participating as trainers in the Training Centers for New Recruits.
  4. In particular, the following applies to the Paratrooper Basic Training School:
    • Τraining takes place during the 3rd or 4th year of studies and foreign Cadets do not have the right to participate.
    • Participation of Cadets (Arms and Corps) is based on a voluntary basis.
    • Parachute maintenance is not anticipated, except for those who will in the future staff the Special Forces and for as long as they serve in them.
    • A basic condition for participation in the said training is the successful completion of the required medical examinations as well as the physical endurance tests and the self-confidence tower test, which precede the training.