Order of the Day of the General Assuming the Command of the Hellenic Army Academy on 27th Mar 2020

Officers, Cadets, NCOs, Soldiers, Professors and Civilian Personnel of the Hellenic Army Academy.

Today, I am assuming the cοmmand of the Academy. This constitutes an exceptional honour for me, since exceptional army officers have served as Cοmmanders in the past, who have greatly contributed to the Academy’s operation with their work and to its distinction as one of the prominent education institutions of our Homeland. The honour I am feeling is even greater, if we take into account that I was a member of the Academy’s Class of 1986, the first Class of Cadets to study in the newly built Academy in 1982, in its first year of operation at this site and 38 years later, I am assuming its Cοmmand.

First of all, I consider it my sacred obligation to pay tribute to the Academy’s glorious and 4 times decorated War Flag and also to the heroic fallen Cadets, Officers and soldiers who sacrificed their lives on the line of duty.

I consider it a fortunate circumstance that I am assuming the Academy’s Cοmmand from my predecessor Major General Dimitrios Choupis, an exquisite Officer, who served in Academy for the last 2 years both as Deputy Cοmmander and Cοmmander, who perfectly knows its way of operation and who contributed greatly to the improvement of facilities and to the further upgrade of the Cadets’ academic education and military training.

My foremost duty will be the continuation, in the context of cooperation, outreach and interaction, of my predecessors’ work and the contribution to the further upgrade of the Cadets’ education, based on the tangible support of professors and the Academy’s military personnel and based on the system of values system through which, all of us, the graduates have been nurtured.

At the same time I attach importance to encourage the ideals that befit the character and the personality of the Cadet: patriotism, dedication to the highest duty regarding the Homeland, love for the colleague, respect for the personality of subordinates, solidarity but also conscientious discipline, patience, endurance in hardship and persistence for the execution of the mission.

Cadets, I encourage you to always keep in mind the glorious history of our Homeland, of our Academy, the heroic fights of our ancestors, not in the spirit of progonoplexia, but being aware of the responsibility and the burden which all of us bear, due to our attribute.

Cadets, you should COMMAND by example, enhance your bonds with your colleagues and your subordinates, eliminate antagonism and distrust and develop conscious discipline. Do not cower in front of hardship and the problems you are facing and particularly now when all of humanity is struggling against a devious and invisible enemy, who imposes constant vigilance and thorough compliance of hygiene rules. Be thankful for hardships. They bring forth the power hidden in your soul and makes you discover capabilities previously unknown to you.

You are the Hellenic Army Academy’s Cadets. You must always remember and prove that. Besides, once a Cadet, always a Cadet

Finally, I wouΙd Ιike to wish to the previous Commander personal and familial happiness and success in his new duties.

I wish that, with the help of God Almighty, the support of the Holy Mary and the unreserved assistance of the military and political leadership, as well as of the Academy’s personnel, with persistence, passion and vision, we will fulfill our difficult but also grand mission and I call you to exclaim:




Major General Themistoklis Grymbiris